Infield Mission Trip Training

Cross-Cultural Orientation: Training That Makes the Difference

Team conflict. Unclear focus. Culture shock. Unrealistic expectations. These things can and do happen while on a mission trip, but instead of letting these challenges short circuit a trip, we capitalize on potential problems and turn them into opportunities to learn and grow. The goal is to take what is experienced on a mission trip and what is learned through reflection and take it home, applying the lessons learned in our own backyard.

World Servants Cross-Cultural Orientation (CCO) engages participants in active, experiential learning designs, covering the following critical topics:

  • Understanding cultural differences
  • Conflict management
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Storytelling
  • Debriefing
  • Life application
  • Flexibility

Maximizing Intercultural Relationships

World Servants believes experiential training is foundational for any person encountering a lifestyle different from their own, so we are committed to providing training that helps people to learn about themselves and others. We all need the healthy reminder that “different” doesn’t mean “bad”.

World Servants Cross Cultural Orientation is offered in the field on the first full day of the mission trip, allowing everyone to participate and then step right into their trip experience. Our training creates an environment where relationships are built, leadership is developed and lifelong learning takes place.

Our training moves participants through a learning process by participation in exercises and a guided reflection process that internalizes and extracts lessons. This style of training is known as experiential learning, and is proven to maximize an individual's learning potential.

Training for Businesses and Organizations

World Servants offers experiential learning seminars to churches, non-profit organizations and businesses. Our training curriculum have been developed to move trainees through a learning process by participation in exercise, followed by a guided reflection process that internalizes and extracts lessons learned from the exercises. Each seminar is a comprehensive event that includes team building, cultivating awareness of differences, skills for engaging in relationships, developing an orientation toward acts of service, debriefing, and real life application.

Custom Cross Cultural Orientation for Businesses and Organizations

Our Cross-Cultural Orientation trains people to relate effectively within the diversity of cultures they encounter in everyday living with specifically tailored materials to reflect the context of each individual event. This comprehensive training has been proven over the years through the experiences of hundreds of mission teams, businesses and non-profit organizations.