Cree Nation

Ochekwi-Sipi … The Fisher River Cree Nation

September 1st, 2015


Our team arrived on the Southwestern shores of Lake Winnipeg on
July 19, 2015 to experience a week with the dear First Nation people of the Fisher River Cree(FRCN). The team included a family from Memphis, Tennessee and two moms and two daughters from the Dallas, Texas area. The experience was meteorologically in the HEART of summer, so the weather was beautiful. We acquainted ourselves with the more than 140-year history of the Cree during this week preceding their annual Treaty Days celebration. What a joy and privilege to come alongside of these great stewards of the north country that they have taken great pride in developing. We will bring multiple teams – Lord willing – in 2016. The FRCN has lived out and taught the principle “Expect nothing. Appreciate everything.” They are grateful for all that we got to do with them. More details soon.

Dominican Republic

Serving in Jarabacoa (La Vega) Dominican Republic

August 4th, 2015

(2/2/2015-2/23/2015) We have a faithful business that is serving in Jarabacoa. They have helped to build a Christian school by faithfully raising funds between trips and also sending teams to help the walls go up. This business has made a long- term commitment that will make a difference in the lives of many children in this community.

The last team serving in February helped to complete a row of classrooms that will allow the school to expand the number of students they can receive in September. While visiting I was able to meet the six teachers who are making plans for the coming school year. It was such a bless to see all that God is doing here.

The next steps for this project is clearing the old building and making room for a play area for the children. We give thanks to a company the values giving back, not only in the community they live in but around the world. I know that Rudy and Yajaira give thanks to the Lord for the people who have traveled to their small community to help build a school. They are relationships that will not be forgotten.

Pattie Juarez, Community Specialist, the Dominican Republic


Spending time at San Juan Bosco Orphanage, Tecate, Mexico

August 3rd, 2015

(7/12/15 to 7/18/15)  All the reports are coming back that World Servant Leaders Vicki and Mark Kolsrud’s did a great job leading the latest trip at San Juan Bosco. They had families from all over the United States with the oldest over 75 and the youngest person on the team 8 years old. World Servants has had a long term relationship with the Director and his staff. Currently they have 40 plus boys and girls calling the orphanage their home.

Our focus on this trip was to help paint the girls dorm, paint the front gate that surrounds the orphanage and also pour a large slab of concrete that will help keep the dirt from getting tracked into the dorms when it rains. The team also focused on having sports camp with the kids each afternoon. On the day off the team visited different areas of Tecate and also hosted a Bar-B-Q for the staff and kids.  Special relationships were built and God blessed everyone as they served each other. We look forward to returning and spending more time with the kids.  It’s a blessing to be able to move in for a week and be part of what God is doing there. Thank you San Juan Bosco, we love spending time with you.

Pattie Juarez, Community Specialist, Mexico



Being an encouragement in the Crow

August 3rd, 2015

(6/28/15 to 7/4/15) We always talk about expecting the unexpected. Because it happens and we know that, but, this team was the best. God used them in a special way this year. They were the first group to arrive at the camp and it needed a lot of clean-up. As God always does he sent a group that could do what needed to be done. They worked hard to trim, cut, weed, clean and fix for two days. We stopped to reach out to the children each day and enjoyed evenings in the community. The last two days we helped do the same for a Grandmother in the community that was raising her two grandchildren. She had purchased a swing-set a month earlier and asked if someone could put it together. With out missing a beat, the team figured out what we needed and got to work. It was a blessing to step back and see how excited the kids were with the swing-set and the slide. The grandmother looked around and couldn’t believe how much had been done. She thanked the group and explained what a blessing it was to have our help. Having to go back to work and raise her grandchildren made it hard for her to keep things up. God used us to remind her that He loves her. It was the perfect ending to a mission week.

Pattie Juarez, World Servants Trip Leader


Dominican Republic

Serving the church to have a place for the children in Consuelito, DR

July 30th, 2015

Last week a group of families from around the United States gave a week of their time and talents to serve the Church in a small village called Consuelito. It’s not on a map, it’s too small but it’s located in San Pedro de Marcos. The community started because of the sugar cane fields that surround it. Families moved there to harvest the cane. Our partnership is with: Iglesia Roca de Salvation. The Pastor Ruth Berenice Bastardo has a vision to grow the church by serving the children. Our group worked hard at building a block wall that will allow the church to have a space that is safe for the children.

We were able to meet with the children in the afternoon to share a bible story with them and also sing some songs. They were a delight and most days we had more than 80 kids.

As we left last Saturday, it was with heavy hearts because we will miss our new friends. But we join the Pastor and pray that the community will continue to grow in their understanding of who Christ is and how He loves them.

Pattie Juarez, Community Specialist for the Dominican Republic, Trip Leader

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