Family & Intergenerational

World Servants intergenerational trips are designed for any person, any age. You will serve along with a diverse community of faith, learning, teaching and growing together as you use your own set of skills, talents, life perspectives and experiences.

We offer reduced fees for any child age 8 or younger on the first day of the trip (email us or call 800-881-2170 for details).

2019 Mission Trip Schedule
Oct 27, 2019 - Nov 02, 2019Floyd County, KentuckyIntergen. & FamilyUS$ 495.00+/person*View Trip
Dec 06, 2019 - Dec 14, 2019Huaycan, PeruIntergen. & FamilyUS$ 1,200.00/personView Trip

Family-Friendly Trips

Family Together. Our experiences engage the whole family, to learn and grow in their faith together. The trips give families with children from babies to teenagers to be a part of an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and serve a community, meeting the physical and spiritual needs of others through acts of service.

Family Focus. World Servant mission leaders are trained specifically to facilitate family trips. Each understands flexibility is the key to a successful family mission experience.

  • Pre-trip planning. Prior to departure, we give our traveling families information about what to expect during the trip and answer questions, with special attention to cross-cultural differences that may be encountered on the trip.
  • Accommodations and schedule. Offering accommodations where families can stay together is a high priority, but are not always available. We consider all aspects of lodging, including:
    • Safe transportation to lodging and work site
    • Rest and nap times for families with small children
    • Quiet time before lights out for children who fall asleep early
    • Flexible devotion time to meet family needs

Family Friendly. We strive to provide a recreational area such as a game room, basketball court, pool or field for the children to enjoy and burn off energy. Family-building activities, such as water balloon fights, dodge ball games and other afternoon activities, are scheduled for fun time with the kids.

  • Food. Kid-friendly options are available at all meals, such as cereal, sandwiches and chicken fingers.
  • Projects. We encourage families to focus on a specific project together, such as painting a classroom, building an outhouse or planting flowers around a building. Older children can work together on their own project or take on age-appropriate responsibilities like directing a craft project or teaching during Kid’s Club.
  • Outreach. Children love to actively help with Kid’s Club, sports camps and home visits where they get to meet local families and learn about the culture.
  • Free Time. During the designated day off, an enjoyable group activity is planned; families are free to participate or remain at the lodging site to enjoy unscheduled time.

Strengthen Your Family

Change the lives of your children by introducing them to the excitement of an adventure on a mission trip, by giving them the gift of travel, and showing them how they can be a blessing to others in need. These experiences lead to conversation around issues of poverty, justice, service and mercy, while clarifying family values and developing a better understanding of ourselves, God and the world.

Since World Servants takes care of all the details, parents can focus on spending time with their children, reflection on daily activities, sharing what they’ve learned and discussing how these lessons can be applied throughout life. Choose a one or two-week experience of service through construction projects, fellowship through Kid’s Club, community worship, outreach, women’s ministry and home visits.

“This was a defining moment in my life and in the life of our family. We’ll never be the same!”
—Parent of a family on a World Servants mission trip

Homeschooling Servant Leadership

Mission trips for Homeschool Families. We develop custom, affordable mission trips depending upon your interests and needs as a family, and can accommodate other families interested in serving with you.

Father and Son Serving together. Read about or listen to Michael Farris interviewing a homeschooling father about serving on a mission trip with his teenage son on the Home School Heartbeat radio program.