Add Mission to Your Company Mission

Promoting a sense of community and global responsibility.

Engaging employees in a visionary mission trip builds morale, encourages a sense of camaraderie and creates a shared commitment to the betterment of your company, your community, and the world. It is a “win” everywhere you turn.

Custom Cross Cultural Orientation for Businesses and Organizations

Our Cross-Cultural Orientation trains people to relate effectively within the diversity of cultures they encounter in everyday living with specifically tailored materials to reflect the context of each individual event. This comprehensive training has been proven over the years through the experiences of hundreds of mission teams, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Training for Businesses and Organizations

World Servants offers experiential learning seminars to churches, non-profit organizations and businesses... Our training curriculum have been developed to move trainees through a learning process by participation in exercise, followed by a guided reflection process that internalizes and extracts lessons learned from the exercise. Each seminar is a comprehensive event that includes team building, cultivating awareness of differences, skills for engaging in relationships, developing an orientation toward acts of service, debriefing, and real life application.